What ethics for Tourism?

Are you skeptical? Convinced? Categorical? Let’s take some time to ponder the ethical dimension of tourism. What does Ethical tourism or tourism ethics mean? What can travel ethics refer to? How can we materialise it? What are we ready to do? What sacrifices? What gestures?

What are travel ethics? Is it not taking too many holiday out of solidarity for those who don’t have any? Or on the opposite making amazing travels out of respect for those who would like to do so but can not? Is it acting for everybody on earth to be able to travel? Is it taking no risks? Ensuring one’s security when travelling?

Is it to adopt a particular attitude at the contact of a new culture? project a positive image of one’s culture? A realist one? Is it to make people we meet feel good about their culture? Is it to be honest with them about what we think about their culture? Is it to take time and be interested in people’s culture? Is it to not do it if we don’t really want to? Is it to remain exactly the same? Is it to mend in the culture? Or on the opposite accept differences?

Is it to help people in need? Help everyone? Make a distinction? To accept that people have different lives different fates, different hardships? Is it explaining that it is not your everyday life? Is it to give a local charity? Does it have to be a local charity? Is it to avoid foreign businesses? To buy from locals only? Is it to refrain from bargaining? Is it to refuse a tourist rate? To insist on having a local conditions? Is it to fund change?

Is it to use green transportation means? To refrain from polluting? To stay home? To respect the environment by respecting the basic rules? After crossing the planet on a plane staying in an Eco-friendly resort mean a thing? Should one travel longer and not as far? By foot, boat or bike?

Is it to boycott a destination suffering from political violence? Is it on the opposite to visit, witness and tell? Is it to give a glimpse of the world out to the people living is such places? Is it to show that those countries don’t get forgotten? Is it to respect the local law? Is it to apply our national Law if we consider it more right? Should we respect our Law Anyways? Is it to fight for human work conditions? Wouldn’t be there a risk of making about tourism such an interesting sector that people neglect other sectors more crucial to the country’s welfare?

Travel and tourism are complex operations limited in time and space, connecting worlds and cultures. Ethics get lost is this endless lingering. Information is a primordial step. Would understanding the mechanisms and available options help mankind to find the way to ethics? It thinks or having consideration the ultimate ethical stand? Should one give up on travel? On cultures and knowledge because it is too hard a question? All Exclusive will not provide you with a formatted answer, a recipe for ethical travel or host behaviour. But we will discuss a great number of topics to try and cast light on this dilema.

You are wellcome here. Please come as often as you wish.


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