Web Documentary

Tourism is a complex idea, industry and operation. Defining it’s mechanics risks and potential in a constructive way is as well a complex process. This work could not take the form of a manifesto, or a off-putting repport. This work must resemble travel, vast, open, flexible, participatory, creative, amusing, adventurous, audacious, serious, engaging… in a constant evolution. The web documentary form thus perfectly matching these imperatives and imposes itself. A new topic deserves to be discussed ? No need to turn the page ! Its development will not interrupt the course of ongoing reflexions.

Multimedia : A web documentary allowes to combine all forms of media, materials, and ideas. You will find here press articles, studies, films, picture reports, testimonies, interviews, sketches, songs, drawings, quotes, travel notes, and all we can imagine to nurture this debate.

Diversity : the web documentary allows to cover a multitude of topics and to let them evolve as the project develops, integrating users’ comments and contributions. Eco-tourism, Solidarity tourism, hospitality, charity, waste management, interculturallity… the list of topics is extremely wide and will evolve permanently.

Programs : All Exclusive‘s core programming articulates around three components. The first concerns terms, structures and theories of tourism, international development and alternative tourism. The second is a study of these concepts in the perspective of field situations. The third part is none else but the contribution of usersaccording to their ideas, envies, experience and skills. This program allows a composed yet concrete aproach of the questions linked to nature, travel and ethics.

Flexible consultation One may come here to consult a single post and never come back, we hope he will have found it interesting. But everyone is welcome to visit us regularly, consider different questions each time or focus on one only. A wide range of navigation tools is available for this to be possible.

  • Embeded links : some important reference words are underlined in the articles for the reader to folow the thread of an idea
  • Linear reading : rss threads, All Exclusive mainpage (blog), facebook or twitter accounts will keep you informed about new posts
  • Comments follow up : when you post a comment, sign in! You will be informed of each new comment or modification
  • Search by topic, country, media, tag and many more are available in the cloud or menu
  • Open search engine : to search all postes connected to a word or idea
  • Program : All Exclusive has a three part programming, you will be able to follow one or more

All Exclusive is a complete information platform, you will know more along the month of November as a new part unveiled each monday. Until then, please visit the different pages of All Exclusive. You can also fill in All Exclusive‘s first survey and share it around you using one of the following links whether you are a private individual or a tourism professional. You can as well consider the following questions :

  • Why do we travel?
  • Why should tourism consider ethics ?
  • What may be tourism’s ethical dimension’s limits ?
  • What form of ethics should tourism adopt ?

All Exclusive wishes you good travels. Should you have any question, please contact us.


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