ThinkTour is a think tank specialised on travel, help, tourism and cooperation for development. Links between these themes are particular and lead to divers interpretations. The objective of this part is to give the public a central position and show the diversity of approaches threw diffusion of various material. Here, you can thus comment and share on the articles posted by All Exclusive, reply to a survey and publish your own works.

Travelers, researchers, associations, journalists, students, professionals and other people of this world, take part in the debate ! Testimonies, holiday pictures, studies, thoughts, reports, documentaries, open question and any other form of expression ; for tourism to resemble you, for it to take your opinion, needs and expectations into account share your works ! All Exclusive means to represent users and be something else but the voice of one person. ThinkTour is here for that purpose. The editorial line is very simple, topics must :

  • contribute to the debate on travel and ethics
  • be constructive and formulated without the use of rude nor insulting phrases
  • not contain an advertisement or marketing elements

Travel is an experience, a discovery and an apprenticeship. There is no unique truth, no right no wrong. Don’t fear to make mistakes. Your opinion can bring much to the reflexion, share it ! Independent media, alternative to the marketing of tourism, All Exclusive is a step towards travel mastery. If you worry your intervention will show reveal a lack of knowledge or practice, it’s a good thing ! We are here to lurn making a personal idea!

  • You wish to talk about your personal experience or something you witnessed?
  • You want to dram the public’s attention on a particular situation or aspect of the debate?
  • You have a question to ask?
  • You want to share your research works ?
  • You want to put your art at the service of the reflexion on travel and ethics?
  • You wish to have the public’s opinion about your project or your business policy?

THINKTOUR is at your disposal! Contact us !


What do you think about this?

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