Syndicated tourism

The goal of All Exclusive is to inform, understand and inspire the people interested in travel, development and tourism, may they live in tourism regions, travel or work in the tourism or development sector.

Transports, societies, and communication systems are improving day by day. As a consequence, tourism gained in importance and became more and more common. So commun that people don’t consider the activity’s positive not negative impact. A report posted by Mr Pierret Frederic, one of UNWTO three executive directors, on November the first of this year (The day of All Exclusive‘s launching) put this tendency into perspective. He reminds that tourism representing « 9% of world wide economy* » « is about to become a planetary stake and curiously enough, very few are those clearly aware of it *».

Paradoxically, tourism grows but travelers and inhabitants of touristy regions control less and less the mechanics and technics of tourism. As a result, tourism more and more exploits the capital of hosting regions without sharing its full benefits with inhabitants. Tourism also often makes travelers tour a masquerade of their presumed expectations orchestrated according to stereotypes and cultural prejudices. Tourism experience is deprived of the authenticity and originality promissed to travelers. Likewise, the benefits guartanteed to the inhabitants of touristy regions are rarely fully noticeable.

Knowing that the world is accessible from any good couch, at remote control range, that one does not even need to cross the living room to change destination, one may wonder why people still travel. All the more since tourism represents a direct threat to the environment. With its evergrowing attendence, (Over 1 bilion international arrivals in 2012, about one person out of seven world wide), tourism would be responsible for 5% of greenhouse effect gas emissions**, just if we consider flights. Tourism also has a certain impact on its direct environment due to structural development and attendance. It is quite ironical that the activity consisting in enjoying the beauty and pleasures of the world and culture actively contributes to its extermination.

All the more since, tourism is considered by many as a positive activity. It is first the acceptation of otherness ; the discovering of unknown worlds, the witnessing of different society models and the awareness of our own culture particularity. It is also an economic lever, an activity, funding, cash, work and skill tank. Finally, tourism could be a tool for the valorisation of society’s natural, cultural and social patrimony, as people are willing to cross the world and pay good money to observe it. Many theories use those statements, transforming tourism into a tool for international developpement. Never the less just like the public is unaware of the importance of tourism he does not know about those theories nor the potential or risks of tourism.

Tourism may be positive to a country, hence, many integrate it in their economic strategy. Powerful countries like like USA do (president « Obama wishes to see become the first destination in the world *»). Developing nations see in it a « development opportunity as they lack raw materials or industrial activity* ». But mankind has not mastered tourism’s negative aspects yet. Taken in the flow of a powerful economy, their impact may seem negligible, but in the case of a country using it for development purposes, the risks are mighty. Reliable solutions need be design to face those challenges.

Therefore, All Exclusive will work to bring together the public, regardless to its origins in a debate on travel, development and tourism. Is tourism a trust worthy development tool ? Should tourism’s contribution be social, intellectual, environmental or economical ? Would ethical tourism products match the expectations of customers and people living around ? This is what All Exclusive offers to discover.

This web documentary invites all people interested in travel to find information, share their point of view and inspire tourism organisations for the conception of their products. For tourism to respond to our expectations, to respect social needs and human dignity, both in its content and effects. The public must organise, get reliable information, and express their point of view and expectations. This is what All Exclusive refers to as Syndicated tourism. Tourism lives off humanity’s natural, cultural and environmental patrimony, this capital must be managed in the interest of everyone and the respect of the human condition.

In that purpose, All Exclusive adopts a constructive, participatory, and independent approach to mend the public together in the debate on travel and ethics and the definition of the future of tourism. With the unveiling of EDUKTOUR, All Exclusive‘s first part of the program, you will learn more about syndicated tourism and the reason why the term was chosen. 

Until then, please visit the different pages of All Exclusive. You can also fill in All Exclusive‘s first survey and share it around you using one of the following links whether you are a private individual or a tourism professional. You can as well consider the following questions :

All Exclusive wishes you good travels. Should you have any question, please contact us.


*UNWTO Executive director repport: A propos du Tourism en France et Ailleurs. November the 1st 2013

** UNWTO repport: Tourism and Climate Change: Confronting the common Challenges


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