PerspekTour is a travel study initiated by All Exclusive, a journey through tourism and ethics. Visiting 5 to 6 countries during this first year, PerspekTour will webcast articles, photo reports, interviews and documentary films on travel, tourism and development based on the concepts covered by All Exclusive and on the situations we will come across in visited regions.

This travel is the realization of travel’s potential :

  • Discovering new places, models, and cultures
  • Meeting people, learning about their condition, thoughts, stories and ideas
  • Reporting on observed situations, examples and initiatives
  • Becoming somebody new : new languages, new skills, new lifestyle

I was a travel agent, a receptionist a waiter, I was a traveler, curious about the world and the way people live, this adventure will not so much change me but will concretise who I was. Perspektour will make of me a journalist specialised in tourism and related topics such as solidarity, ecology or hospitality.

Through pictures, films, articles,  through sounds, voices and arts, through ideas and examples taken from reality, PerspekTour will take me, take all of us in a journey through thravel and ethics. The journey starts on Sunday December the first, make sure to be ready for it. If you have suggestions or advices, please leave us a comment on the concerned topic or contact us. All Exclusive wishes you good journeys


7 thoughts on “PerspekTour

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  2. I hope you have to approve this before it gets posted- but I am really interesting in your postings and can’t wait to read about your adventure. Can’t wait to read more about your thoughts on the ethics of tourism!

    • Dear Sarah, thank you for your support and corrections. My objective being to let people express freely, I do not moderate comments.It is in fact problematic as I don’t have a “report comment” tool either, but I will follow closely comments to erase inapropriate jargon. I don’t mind if you point out mistakes on the website though, it will help me improve it. As you understand, I am not a natural born english speaker^^

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