Tourism is the sum of all travel, people and services ; an infinity of expectations, flights, hotel nights, laughters, deceptions, smiles, hard takes, rain drops and sun burns… but before all persons. That’s right ! People are in the center of tourism, not only man kind but individuals, with their history, their hopes, their habits, motives, expectations and needs. May he travel, live in a touristy region or work in tourism, the person is in the center of tourism. True ethical tourism will therefore pass by people. All the more since tourism is the exploitation of humanity’s patrimony for personal leisure. It concerns both the interest of visitors and those of the people living close to it.

All Exclusve invites all interested people to take part in the project.

Sri lanka, à trier 017Travelers : Demand drives tourism ! We often forget it as our minds are obsessed with tourism marketing constantly trying to influence us. But let’s not forget that the colossal budgets spent on advertisements by the sector only proves that it depends on us. We can orientate tourism : destinations, quality of service, type of holiday, this is all our choice ! Why not the tour Operator’s social or environmental policy ? They are just wayting for your call…


Inhabitants of the world : Tourism reaches the world as a whole, there soon won’t be a place on earth spared by this phenomenon. All the world can feel concerned. Tourism is only possible if wanted by the people living around it. If it does not benefit you, it may face public disapproval, strikes and many other violent reactions. Unrest is very harmful to tourism as tranquility and harmony make the reputation of a tourist destination. For tourism to respect your needs, express your needs and expectations, have your conditions known. All Exclusive is a place for that purpose.

Tourism professional : You take risks, invest time, money and energy for the magic to happen. Your activity is IMG_1335complex and all te more risky that you work with whimsical and fragile tools : nature, cultures and people. In the interest of your activity, take public needs into account. It might not seem so now, but it is a crucial matter, before you know it, your region will become no longer attractive to customers if the inhabitants are not welcoming, or if the nature is destroyed. Make it nice ! On All Exclusive, you will be able to read about tourists’ concerns and their expectations. You will be able to share your ideas, test them and get users’ opinion and advices on how to developp your activity. All Exclusive is also designed for your interest.

Many tools will be available here for everyone to take part in All Exclusive. We will discover them on Monday November the 18thUntil then, please visit the different pages of All Exclusive. You can also fill in All Exclusive‘s first survey and share it around you using one of the following links whether you are a private individual or a tourism professional. You can as well consider the following questions :

All Exclusive wishes you good travels. Should you have any question, please contact us.


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