Gestures, mechanisms & trends

« Every action counts. This year, one bilion international tourists will travel to foreign destinations. Imagine what an act multiplied by one bilion can do. »

Ban Ki-Moon, Unsecretary, World Tourism day, 09/27/2012

This thought of Ban Ki-Moon on the topic of energies and their saving in the tourism sector is very true. It is also verifiable in every industry and every aspect of tourism. Little gestures may seem insignificant, but their repetition can have tremendous as horrifying effects. And today, tourism is a multitude of phenomena, mechanisms and trends, repeated again and again : I billion travelers facing similar options, hundreds of million professionals facing similar situations and 7 billion people facing tourists.

Should one be a tourist, a professional or someone in the crowd, there are habits, gestures and choices that we can avoid or have without making much effort or real concessions. Most of the time it is a question of staying informed. To give or not to give, to seek foreign products or to try local products, to reach out to foreigners with specific expectations or to be open to discovery, to help out a thrust staring at a map in the middle of a crowd or to walk past him these are questions that can help you understand how you want to run your business, behave and travel. These mechanisms are listed below. Reading them can be interesting to each of you : travelers, professionals or people living in tourism destinations:

  1. Situations travelers are regularly facing
  2. Mecanics of mainstream or alternative tourism
  3. Situations people of the world are dealing with

Here again, this part has for only vocation to inform of the situation of travel, tourism and development for everyone to ponder the effects of their actions. These phenomena have complex mechanisms, hence there is no strict answer to the question of how should someone behave in an unknown environment. Everyone might want to read these topics before to make a personal opinion.


What do you think about this?

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