This part of All exclusive is dedicated to information and documentation about tourism and development. FamTour is short for Familiarization tour. It is a tour organised by a region or a tour agent for their partners to experience their products. This tour allows prescribers to know about the content and logistics of tours for them to market them at best.

Unfortunately All Exclusive can’t take you all on a free tour to understand tourism mechanics. Never the less, FamTour will provide users with needed materials to make up for that. FamTour is not designed to tell people how to behave in a touring situation or what to think of one or another aspect of tourism. The objective here is to put at the public’s disposal useful elements to foster personal reflexions. You will find here :

Terms and concepts : links to wordbooks useful for people interested in tourism and development. Exclusive definitions will be provided for specific concepts of alternative tourism. Each of them are briefly summarised on the first page, then developed in a specific post with links to various articles of All Exclusive connected to this topic.

Gestures, mechanisms and tendencies : Should it be tourism organisation, isolated or repeated behaviors or consumption trends, this part allows users to visualise Tourism structuring, its effects and tools set up by people to optimise tourism’s impact.

Declarations, Charters and Labels : Many documents have been produced by organisations, professionals or communities to set a frame to tourism, conservation and development. This part will display available declarations and provide systésis and a comparison of charters and labels for a rapid understanding of the state of affairs of ethics and tourism.

Documentary database : This part gathers reference documents used by All Exclusive to develop its content : research works, press article and statistics. This information can be useful for readers who want to learn more about All Exclusive articles, for travelers interested in understanding a region’s situation and needs and for research works.

Like the rest of All Exclusive, users will be able to comment on each part of FamTour in order to express their point of view, open a discussion or enrich the database. Contact us if you wish to share your works.


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