Alternatives to mainstream tourism are many. Some take the shape of products or tourism structures, specially organized to uphold local development and cultural conservation, others consist in a series of modifications brought to existing tourism structures in order to improve their impact. And sometimes the These evolutions seem positive and let foresee that the sector aims to improve its impact. What’s left to be clarified is whether these initiatives respond to demand and needs or are simply a way to justify tourism development.

All these initiatives are based on economic social or environmental theories of development. Everyone is the defender of their approach opposing it to other forms of tourism that they condemn. Considering the need for income of all enterprises, even tourism, alternative or mainstream, considering the marketing drift of tourism and considering the novelty of concepts, how can the public trust allegations of tourism stakeholders. Sustainable, fair, eco-friendly, solidarity, or responsible… the blurry and sometime judgemental nature of these concepts reinforce the doubts regarding the reality of proposed solutions. Without norms precise definitions or even a control authority, what entitles a company to give its products such a denomination? How can we be sure the products reflect their names ? Does it mean that other forms of tourism are ephmera, unfair, eco-enemy, egoistic, irresponsible ? Would the answer to ethics lie in a simple consumption choice ?

All Exclusive does not exclude the positive nature of travel, tourism and their ethical innovations. Never the less, All Exclusive proposes to define together the potential and risks of tourism ; find out whether these solutions are truly efficient or still carry a risk. Understanding the content and mechanism of alternative tourism and point out the potential of tourism practices is an important work to be undertaken for the attempts to improve the sector not to be vain. Hence All Exclusive‘s constructive approach for everyone to make a personal opinion and take informed decisions when organising holidays. All Exclusive means to make this work without imposing the tone, favouring a theory more than another, or putting a product forward nor denigrating another. The public is the one to make a personal opinion and share it in a free, and vibrant debate. Indeed, holding one product as being the one sustainable manner to organise travel would make of adventure and discovery a standardised consumption product. In that spirit of openness, the first thing All Exclusive preconises is to ask yourself the following question :

The links above offer opening lines for the reflexion, you’re all welcome to share your opinion in a comment on the bottom of each page. All Exclusive will unveil the first part of its program on monday the 11th. Unitl then, please visit the different pages of All Exclusive. You can also fill in All Exclusive‘s first survey, share it around you using the following links whether you are a private individual or a tourism professional.

All Exclusive wishes you good travels. Should you have any question, please contact us.


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