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All Exclusive is a constructive, participative, independent web documentary about travel, development and tourism. I share here my works on the topic and invite all interested persons to contribute to this reflexion by posting their personal productions may they be scientific, journalistic or artistic. The purpose of All Exclusive, to present the potential and risks of tourism for mankind and hosting regions, serves three objectives :

  • Inform the public about the potential and risks of the industry for the planet and its inhabitants.
  • Understand and ponder the expectations of the public in terms of tourism, may they be economic, cultural or environmental.
  • Inspire travlers, inhabitants of touristy regions and professionals of the industry for travel and tourism to meet their respective needs

This is what All Exclusive refers to as Syndicated Tourism

The web documentary, is the form most adapted to foster the debate in a coherent yet creative and vibrant way as users can navidate at will, participate and comment each post. All topics are developed alongside completing one another in a constructive dynamic. Subjects, materials, search engines… All Exclusive adapts to your interests enabeling personal reflexions. Read more

Constructive : All Exclusive does not defend a concept more than another, impose the tone or explain what to do or not to do on your holidays. Presenting topics in the most open and objective possible way, All Exclusive invites all interested people to ponder different stands for the debate, to be as constructive as possible. Read more

Participative : Tourism is strongly driven by demand. Clients can orientate tourism development. Likewise, tourism wouldn’t be possible without the adhesion of the people living in touristy regions. Respect for the interest of travelers, hosting populations, and nature is too important to be ignored. Participation of all is thus crucial. Many tools are held at your disposal to share your point of view and contribute to the debate. Read more

Independent : All Exclusive is a research, not a commercial or marketing tool. It is a media designed for information, reflexion, exchange and test. In order to ensure the project’s integrity, a specific funding strategy will be designed. Read more

Why All Exclusive? Well! This name is a:

  • reference to journalism as All Exclusive‘s approaches is unic
  • tribute to people’s needs which are exclusive, may they be trival or vital
  • stand to defend uniqueness of each travel and development experience
  • pun on the most common yet controversed tourism product, All Inclusive packages
  • reminder as tourism too often excludes people, travelers and hinahitants, from the benefits of travel

All Exclusive is a dedicated invitation to visit the world, make a personal opinion and organise travel according to personnal needs, in the interest of humanity.

You now know what All Exclusive offers to become. Let’s take a week for reflexion before to unveil the third part of its program on Wensday November the 20st. Until then, please visit the different pages of All Exclusive. You can also fill in All Exclusive‘s first survey and share it around you using one of the following links whether you are a private individual or a tourism professional. You can as well consider the following questions :

All Exclusive wishes you good travels. Should you have any question, please contact us.